About Nurses Everyday

Nurses Everyday is a sustainable Nursing agency committed to providing exceptional nursing services. With our team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals, we strive to meet the healthcare needs of our clients with utmost dedication and care.

Our Principles

Quality Care

We prioritize providing high-quality care to our clients by ensuring our professional staff is well-trained and experienced.


We understand the importance of reliability in the healthcare industry. Our agency is committed to being dependable and trustworthy in all our services.


As a sustainable nursing agency, we strive to minimize our environmental impact and promote eco-friendly practices in our operations.

Our Team

Meet Savy, the Founder of Nurses Everyday

nurses everyday Founder


Savy is dedicated to providing the highest care that is comfortable for our clients.

He started his career 10 years ago from midwifery. After working for three years, his passion, for serving people led him to do bachelor of nursing. He has served the local community since last 6 years. He is committed to regularly invest in his professional development and training to keep his skills sharp. He takes pride in taking personal care of his patients. Savneet creates a genuine connection and provides them excellent and individualised care they need.

His father was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. Savneet was the primary care provider for his fathers health and medical appointments. This journey of dialysis and care of his father made him understand the challenges faced by the patients. Having empathy, building trust with patients and making difference in their lives. Love to elderly is providing holistic care not just clinical care, but also emotional social and spiritual care.

We are a premier nursing agency established to deliver quality of care to people in our community.

Savy invites nurses from around the world to be a part of Nurses Everyday community. By joining, you will discover a world of possibilities. Reach out to Savy and the Nurses Everyday  team to share your experiences provide feedback or simply be a part of this inspiring journey. Together, we can save the future of nursing and create a brighter and more fulfilling part for nursing professionals everywhere. We are not here if we are not for them.
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